Painful and serious, a burn injury can be devastating. Burn injuries can lead to complications that can affect the victim’s overall health and quality of life. Skin that has been seriously damaged by a burn is more vulnerable to bacterial infections, including sepsis, a life-threatening illness. Burns also can lead to severe scarring and permanent disfigurement of the affected area. Severe scarring is not only a cosmetic concern, it can cause the muscles and tendons to contract, affecting the position and movement of joints. In the most severe of cases, a burn injury can require ongoing care, including reconstructive surgery, physical therapy and psychological treatment.

Burn Injury Facts and Statistics

According statistics from World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH):

  • Most burns occur in the home and workplace
  • The type and severity of burns are not reliable predictors of how well an individual patient will recover
  • Burn injuries pose a significant economic cost, particularly in the care of children with burns (in 2000, direct and annual costs exceeded $211 million in United States)
  • Burns are highly preventable

Common Causes of Burns

There are different types of burns that can damage the skin. Thermal burns are caused by fire, hot liquid, steam, or a hot object; chemical burns are caused by direct contact to a harmful chemical or its fumes (such as acids and even household products); and electrical burns are caused by electrical currents. Contributing risk factors include:

  • Defective household appliances, such as stoves
  • Unsafe working conditions and lack of proper safety measures, such as improper storage of chemicals
  • Equipment or machinery malfunction in the workplace

Pursuing a Burn Injury Claim

The lifetime cost of treating a burn injury can be burdensome. Burn rehabilitation is a multifaceted, resource-intensive process, which can last months to years. The rehabilitation program can include complex wound care, pain management, cosmetic surgery, counseling, and other patient needs.

If the burn injury was due to the negligence or fault or of another party, California law states that the victim may be entitled to financial compensation to cover medical costs, lost wages and disability, and, in the case of fire, lost property. Like other personal injury cases, the settlement with depend on the severity of the injury and the claim.

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